Outdoor Leadership

Exercises on a trip along the Rio Grande. Photo courtesy Blk Elk Media

Team building activity on a canoeing trip along the Rio Grande river. Photo courtesy Blk Elk Media

Undergraduate Minor: Outdoor Leadership

The outdoor leadership field is a dynamic force in terms of jobs, economic development, and highly sought after lifestyles. Students can prepare for a career as an outdoor professional by developing the skills they need through an Outdoor Leadership minor. Students in the minor can earn professional certifications, gain a variety of skills through field-based experiences, and hone their leadership competencies.

Our Program: Clear Requirements with Great Outcomes

Outdoor Leadership Minor Requirements — 15 hours of study

Courses Required

  • RESM 1023 — Foundations of Outdoor Leadership
  • RESM 1032 — Outdoor Living Skills (requires overnight trip)
  • RESM 3043 — Natural Resources & Outdoor Ethics (requires overnight trip)
  • RESM 4023 — Applied Outdoor Adventure Leadership (requires 5-6 day overnight trip)

Plus 4 credit hours in skill-based courses:

  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Wilderness medicine
  • And others

Certifications Students Can Receive

Jobs Students Will Be Prepared For

  • Adventure guide
  • Outdoor educator
  • Outdoor based camps
  • Outdoor retail
  • Land management agencies (NPS, USFS, BLM, FWS, COE and state parks)
  • Many other adventure-forward careers

Interested? Contact

Mike Hoover, Ed.D.
Clinical Instructor, Outdoor Leadership
University of Arkansas

U of A Outdoor Leadership in the News

Sharing a meal during a UREC trip to Iceland. Photo by Mike Hoover, Ed.D.

Students sharing a meal during a backpacking trip to Iceland. Photo by Mike Hoover, Ed.D.