Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Program

All students must complete the University Core requirements as listed in the Catalog of Studies. In addition, all students must take the required general studies for the recreation core requirements as listed in the Catalog of Studies. As part of the University Core requirements and College of Education and Health Professions requirements, specific social sciences and science courses are required within the recreation and sport management major. Recreation and Sport Management majors must obtain a "C" or better in all courses beginning with the alpha code RESM. To enroll in RESM 440V, students must have a 2.50 GPA or better in RESM core and concentration courses. Many courses in the recreation curriculum are taught in sequential order. Please check catalog course descriptions for prerequisites.

There are several experiential requirements within the recreation and sport management core. Students are required to do three practicum experiences (RESM 201V) in three different agencies. Each experience totals 45 hours. A more intense experience of an internship (RESM 440V) requires a minimum of 400 hours or work full time for 12-15 weeks in an agency with a qualified park and recreation professional. Students in the recreation program must obtain one instructor-level certification and a second certification in another area of expertise. Certifications must be valid at the time of graduation and be completed before a grade will be assigned in RESM 4013 Contemporary Issues in Leisure. Examples of these certifications include, but are not limited to, water safety instructor, aerobics instructor, American Red Cross canoeing instructor, first-aid instructor, and hunter safety instructor. A minimum of 124 hours are required for graduation in the major of recreation and sport management.

All students in recreation and sport management take general studies classes as well as Recreation and Sport Management core classes. Since the Recreation and Sport Management core classes are taught in sequence (some classes are prerequisites for others), and only taught in certain times of the year, it takes a minimum of two years to complete the Recreation and Sport Management core classes. Students must select a concentration of study in an area of interest with help from an academic advisor from the recreation faculty. Each concentration is developed individually to meet specific career goals. Concentrations are 18-21 hours, generally in academic areas other than the recreation program.

Graduate Programs

Candidates for a master's degree in recreation and sport management must complete 30 semester hours of graduate course work and a thesis or 36 semester hours without a thesis. In addition to the program requirements, all candidates must successfully complete a written comprehensive examination.

Requirements for the Doctor of Education Degree in Recreation and Sport Management a minimum of 96 graduate credit hours beyond the baccalaureate is required. The degree program also requires successful completion of candidacy examinations, an acceptable doctoral dissertation, and oral defense of the dissertation.