Course Rotation Schedule

Undergraduate and graduate courses are typically offered on a rotational schedule. Most undergraduate courses are offered either once or twice per year, while graduate courses are offered yearly or every other year. Please take this into account when mapping out your schedule and make sure to take prerequisites and required classes when they’re available. The information is subject to change based on several factors, including instructor availability and student interest. The Catalog of Studies has additional information.

Undergraduate Courses
Course Number Course Name Term(s) Offered
RESM 1003 Professional Foundations of Leisure SP, FA
RESM 1023 Recreation and Natural Resources IR
RESM 2011 Recreation Practicum (1-3) SP, SU, FA
RESM 2063 Commercial Recreation, Sport and Tourism Enterprise FA
RESM 2093 Inclusive and Special Recreation and Sport SP
RESM 2813 Recreation and Sport Leadership FA
RESM 2853 Leisure and Society SP, SU, FA
RESM 3023 Sport Management Fundamentals FA
RESM 3833 Program Planning in Recreation and Sport SP
RESM 3843 Planning, Design and Maintenance for Recreation IR
RESM 3873 Sport and Recreation Risk Management FA (Even), SU
RESM 4003 Innovative Practices in Recreation and Sport IR
RESM 4013 Contemporary Issues in Leisure SP
RESM 405V Independent Study in Recreation and Sport IR
RESM 4083 Research and Evaluation in Recreation SP
RESM 440V Internship (1-12) SP, SU, FA
RESM 480V Workshop (1-3) IR
RESM 4923 Outdoor Adventure Leadership SU

Graduate Courses
Course Number Course Name Term(s) Offered
RESM 5273 The Intramural Sports Program IR
RESM 5293 Athletics and Higher Ed FA
RESM 5463 Sports Facilities Management IR
RESM 560V Workshop IR
RESM 574V Internship IR
RESM 5813 Social Issues in Sport FA
RESM 5833 Recreation for Special Populations IR
RESM 5843 Tourism IR
RESM 5853 Capstone in RESM SP
RESM 5873 Leadership in RESM Services SU, SP (Odd)
RESM 5883 Recreation and Sport Services Promotion FA
RESM 600V Master's Thesis FA, SP, SU
RESM 605V Independent Study IR
RESM 6533 Legal and Political Aspects SP

HHPR Graduate Courses
Course Number Course Name Term(s) Offered
HHPR 5353 Research in HHPR FA, SP, SU
RESM 6133 Issues in HHPR SP (Even)
RESM 6233 Management in HHPR SP (Odd)
HHPR 6333 Measurement in HHPR FA (Odd)
HHPR 689V Directed Research FA, SP, SU
HHPR 669V Seminar FA, SP, SU
HHPR 700V Doctoral Dissertation FA, SP, SU